Lincoln in Peekskill

A lone figure, tall and dark, walks the quiet streets down by the train tracks.  He knows the territory and has a job to finish. Peekskill, NY. photos by Chris Casaburi 


Newsweek Interview. at Madonna's Pro-Hillary Rally

She introduced herself as a senior writer for Newsweek.. said she'd seen me in Wash Sq Park before.  I got late to the Madonna concert..She'd just left .. reporters still there. Tons of 'em. Woman took quick pics on her cell phone camera .. said I was in a tux?... the Abe image and quote are good... Leave 'em smiling.  Interesting was that after the pretty Newsweek reporter was done with me... take a number for better service... Up stepped another pretty and youngish gal w British accent.. and had me do the same for The Guardian. It was showtime, indeed. The next day..Day after election was Fox and lots of foreign press.. Swiss. Italian.. Swedish TV interviews. Country obviously needs more Abe's.!!    Here's a screenshot w link below


'Abe Lincoln Blues'

We're dusting off the pipes've been warned. My friend Chris put this together.

Student Video

Here's something fresh off the press.. a profile done by Shanel Dawson, a sharp journalism student.. We filmed it Halloween Day .. which seems appropriate.. I was tired, but she and her editing were good.

Post-Election Interview - FOX's Watters World

Jesse Watters and his crew approached me in Washington Square Park the night after Trump's win.  I was happy to speak my mind about this crazy election.  The resulting 3 1/2 min. video is clever, mixing movie clips with additional interviews.  Of course they ended the piece with Honest Abe!  (see me @2:52, and 3:25)

Thrift Store Guitar

I've been looking for another friend to play with. Almost had her but didn't quite work out.  Stay tuned Abe is just getting started. Thanks for visiting- Bill

It's magic when Abe Lincoln finds an old little guitar in a thrift store.